woman and yoga mat

The word ‘yoga comes from the Sanskrit word ‘to yoke’ or union. Yoga is a union of the mind, body, and soul. There are many different forms of yoga, Hatha is known as ‘the route of yoga’ and consists of traditional poses that are held for up to a minute. I also teach Vinyasa classes for a faster-moving flow and weight loss.

Can anyone do Yoga?

No experience is necessary and there is no such thing as being not flexible enough to practice yoga. I can modify the poses to suit different levels, fitness and injuries.

My classes include a warm-up period, asanas (poses), and a cool-down session. We also practice meditation in some lessons. Yoga will increase your flexibility and can help to calm the mind, de-stress the body and soothe the soul.

If you have a health condition you should always take medical advice before commencing a fitness regime

What should I wear?

Make sure you are comfortable and wear clothes that do not restrict your movement. Gym / sports leggings, shorts or jogging bottoms are perfect. Bring a jumper and socks as your body will cool down during the final meditation

When are the classes

I offer a variety of yoga classes, individual tuition, online classes, and yoga in the workplace classes, (ideal for a great team-building exercise!). My Hatha Yoga Classes for beginners is a good starting place if you haven’t tried yoga before. Classes are held weekly at Wilton, Stapleford, Burcombe and Harnham. The class schedule can be viewed and booked here

Please contact at sharon@namastehathayoga.co.uk or use the form below with if you have any questions or would like more information