Online Yoga Classes in Wiltshire

On-line Yoga Classes

I believe that yoga should be accessible for all. I understand that not everyone can get to a yoga class or don’t want to attend group classes for various reasons, that is why I have started Namtaste Hatha Yoga Online

My online yoga platform is the simple way to get the head space you need to release stress, recalibrate, cleanse and find your rhythm.

The online streaming and on-demand yoga videos have something for everyone. Whether you want a Hatha class, an energetic vinyasa class, or an hour-long relaxation class or yoga to help you, improve your game of golf!

You can buy and download individual yoga videos for as little as £2.00, or become a member and join in with streamed online yoga classes. Memberships are available from £10.00 per month (that’s as little as 35p a day) and include unlimited downloads amd streaming, plus exclusive discounts for workshops and retreats.

Create the ideal conditions at home or anywhere in the world and make time and nurture yourself, be healthy, conscious and live an inspired life. Relax with guided meditations, breathing exercises and yoga.

Practice yoga at a time that suits you. Now is the perfect time to take care of yourself at home. Go at your own pace and make time for your body and mind today!

If you would like further details, please get in touch with me at