Hatha Yoga in Salisbury

Hatha yoga is a gentle form of yoga designed to strengthen and stretch the body, each pose is held for several breaths. It is excellent for beginners, people recovring from injury, people who want to destress and those who like to practice a slower paced yoga flow.

Hatha yoga offers a good contrast to our busy lives as it provides the opportunity to unwind, stretch, and ease away the tension of your day. Hatha Yoga has been shown to have many calming and well-being benefits.

My classes last 30 minutes and will start with a gentle warm-up then advance to more physical asanas (poses). The class ends with Savasana (the pose of total relaxation).

Classes are suitable or all levels of fitness and flexibility.

You don’t have to be super bendy to take part in yoga. The more you practice the more your body will become flexible.

If you’re new to yoga, why not try a free lesson? Simply book a class from the schedule below and choose the free class pass. (Please note: the pass can only be used for one lesson).

If you would like a faster paced yoga flow, please try my vinyasa class.

Owing to the current social distancing regulations, group classes have been suspended for the foreseeable future and classes will take place via Zoom.

If you would like to book a private yoga lesson, please contact me at sharon@namastehathayoga.co.uk or use the form below for any queries. I look forward to hearing from you.