support for illness how yoga therapy can help

Yoga therapy can provide effective support for people dealing with illnesses such as diabetes cancer and heart disease.

A 2014 scientific paper Yoga based cardiac rehabilitation after coronary artery bypass surgery: One-year results on LVEF, lipid profile and psychological states – A randomized controlled study showed that the addition of yoga based relaxation to conventional post-CABG cardiac rehabilitation helps in better management of risk factors in those with abnormal baseline values and may help in preventing recurrence.

Major illnesses can cause stress which can worsen the symptoms and lengthen recovery times. Both Caregivers and healthcare providers can also benefit from the stress-reducing effect of yoga practices, meditation and mindfulness

Yoga therapy can provide a personalized self-care resource and help improve day-to-day well being.

If you are interested in trying Yoga Therapy to help aid your wellbeing please download and complete the questionnaire below and email to to book an initial consultation. The consultation will last 60 minutes (via Zoom) and costs £60.00  Your confidentiality is respected at all times.

Yoga Therapy New Client Questionnaire