Managing the Menopause Online Course


The online course comprises of 14 modules that you can work through at your own pace. On receipt of payment, you will be sent a link to the course.


This online therapeutic course will help you understand the symptoms of menopause, provide tips for a healthy menopause, provides breathing exercises, yoga sequences & poses and meditations to help you alleviate the symptoms of menopause. The course also provides a 4-week diet plan with 5 days of weekly recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Meal.

The Online Course Covers:

  • What is the Menopause
  • Symptoms of the Menopause
  • Keeping the Heart Healthy
  • Looking After Mental Health
  • Keeping the Bones Strong in Menopause 
  • Breathwork – Ujjayi pranayama
  • Alternate nostril breathing
  • Yoga Flow to Help with Menopause
  • Meditation – Yoga Meditation
  • Meditation – Third Eye Meditation
  • Meditation – Heart Chakra Meditation
  • Free Ebook – Yoga Sequence for Stress 
  • 4 Week Meal Plan
  • Tips for a Healthy Menopause 
  • Free Gratitude Journal