14 day yoga course for weight loss

Yoga for Weight Loss

Lose weight, tone, and shape your body with my 14-day on-demand yoga for weight loss course. The course costs £9.99 and comprises 14 days of on-demand videos featuring different asanas to target different areas of the body and burn calories. Each day will unlock a brand new video.

We will target the core, arms, glutes and thighs and do full-body power yoga, which will also challenge balance and flexibility. I have also included yoga sequences for restorative yoga and hip flexibility.

As well as calming the mind yoga is excellent for losing weight and toning the body. Take my 14-Day Yoga for Weight Loss course which is available as a on-demand video course for you to do at home in your own time and pace. The course starts with shorter flows and builds to longer, more challenging asanas. Each day will unlock a brand new video of power yoga sequences to help tone and strengthen your body and speed up your metabolism,

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14 Day on-demand yoga for weight loss course