28 day individual diet plan

Everyone has different weight loss requirements, that’s why my 28 day individual diet plan will make losing weight easier for you.

In our busy lives, it can be difficult to find the motivation to undertake a diet and exercise plan when we want to lose weight. It can also be difficult to motivate ourselves. Because we also need different dietary and exercise strategies depending on our age group and lifestyles it is unlikely that a ‘one size fits all‘ diet plan will be successful in the longterm.

With my online diet plan, I will work out an individual diet for you and set weekly motivation targets with weekly weight loss targets. As it can be hard dieting on your own I will provide unlimited email support and advice. I will also provide a private Zoom call to you every week to discuss your progress, provide support and help you with any nutritional questions that you may have.

What do I get with the 28 Individual Day Diet Plan?

  • 28 Day Individual Diet Plan
  • Calculation of current BMI
  • Calculation of Recommended Daily Calorie Allowance
  • Weekly recipes with calorie and Nutritional Information
  • Weekly Weight Loss Targets
  • Weekly Motivation Goal
  • Weekly Weight Loss Target
  • Weekly Private Zoom Motivation/Support Call
  • Unlimited email support
  • 40% Off Voucher for 4 Private Yoga (Beginners Hatha) Classes

How do I Buy the Diet Plan?

Simply download and fill out the questionnaire below and email it to sharon@namastehathayoga.co.uk and pay £39.99, when the payment has been received via PayPal I will email you to arrange your private nutritional consultation, this can be via a Zoom call or a meeting. Once we have had the consultation, I will email your individual 28-day diet plan to you within 3 working days .

28 Day Diet Plan Questionnaire

How much does the 28-day Individual Diet Plan Cost?

The 28-Day Individual Diet Plan costs £39.99 and can be purchased below via PayPal. Alternatively, email me the completed questionnaire and I will send you an invoice. The diet plan will be emailed to you within 3 working days of our initial consultation. A sample diet plan can be viewed below.

For the first time in my life, I’m eating some amazing food while feeling happy, positive and comfortable with my body.

Lynne Hamilton

I can eat all the foods I love without missing out: decent portions, flavour, even cheese, chorizo and alcohol. It’s an all-round healthier lifestyle that fits into your home and social life.”

Jenny Wilkinson